HelixIntel Unveils Innovative CMMS Platform for Streamlined Property Management

facility manager viewing HelixIntel's CMMS platform on a laptop.

HelixIntel proudly unveils the cornerstone of its PropertyOS™ platform — an innovative Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS). The cloud-based CMMS offers comprehensive features designed to empower users who perform preventive maintenance, manage assets, minimize equipment downtime, and automate intricate workflows. Our CMMS caters to businesses of all sizes that manage critical assets.

After a successful Series A funding round in 2023, our company is evolving its platform. Driven by customer feedback and a deep understanding of market dynamics, we’ve advanced from asset management into a dynamic CMMS. Now known as PropertyOS™, the platform seamlessly integrates maintenance management functionality with strategic asset control and real-time data analytics.

Why CMMS Matters

CMMS platforms play a crucial role in streamlining property maintenance workflows, reducing downtime, and enhancing asset reliability. By integrating property and asset management data, we enable organizations to predict and prevent equipment failures, mitigate costly breakdowns, and enhance capital decision-making.

Jon DeWald, CEO of HelixIntel, emphasizes the company’s commitment: “Every stakeholder benefits when equipment breakdown is accurately predicted and prevented. We are empowering proactive maintenance and equipment upgrades that enhance efficiency, minimize downtime, and bring cost savings to our valued customers and their partners.”

Key Features of HelixIntel’s CMMS

  • Effective Work Order Management
    • Automates maintenance schedules, work orders, asset tracking, and inventory management effortlessly.
    • Empowers managers to organize, track, and oversee all work requests, including maintenance and repairs.
  • Efficient Asset Management and Accountability
    • Enriches asset data with photos, name-plate information, and comments.
    • Generates a comprehensive digital record that helps managers spot troubling trends and manage teams.
  • Seamless Transition and Automation
    • Promotes a smooth transition to the CMMS, regardless of previous reliance on paperwork, spreadsheets, or another tech-enabled solution.
    • Absorbs available data to offer a turn-key experience for users interested in pre-loaded data.
  • Predictive Analytics and Proactive Maintenance
    • Identifies potential equipment failures before they occur using predictive analytics.
    • Minimizes risks, maximizes asset performance, and improves building reliability.

Empowering the Future

The introduction of our CMMS-powered platform, PropertyOS™ reshapes how organizations optimize their operations, streamline property management, reduce downtime, and maximize asset performance.

We welcome all to join in building a more resilient and effective landscape for businesses of all sizes.