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Work Order Management


Experience the ease of managing work orders, equipment, supplies, and properties all in one place.

Asset Management

Our CMMS empowers your team to effectively track and manage asset health and lifecycle. With our Predict and Prevent Engine™, you'll stay informed about asset status, allowing for improved planning, scheduling, and execution.

Work Order Management

Organize, track, and oversee all work requests, including maintenance and repairs. Oversee all requests effortlessly, with key data such as assignee, priority, status, and due dates readily available to guide your next steps.

Property Data

HelixIntel reduces the friction associated with managing assets across multiple properties. Every asset you create can easily be moved, managed, or discarded. You can add unlimited users with various roles relevant to your organization, and assign them to manage individual properties.

Parts & Inventory

Monitor the status of every item around the clock, keeping track of part usage for individual work orders. Access a detailed audit trail and prioritize safety by proactively preventing equipment breakdowns, maintaining smooth operations, and ensuring a secure workplace.

Preventative Maintenance

Efficiently plan preventive maintenance by effortlessly creating, assigning, and monitoring work orders. Schedule PM tasks on a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, or as-needed basis. Stay updated on upcoming tasks and completed ones through detailed reporting.

Task Management ​

Maximize your team's efficiency effortlessly. With HelixIntel, you can assign and manage maintenance tasks from one centralized platform. Prioritize tasks to ensure the most essential work is completed first. Report on the success of your maintenance activities to optimize asset performance and lifetime value.

Facility Maintenance ​

Coordinate tasks across your team, improving accountability and productivity. Our task management tool can take the headache out of tracking, assigning, and scheduling tasks internally and externally.

Work Request Management ​

Our system ensures faster, smarter, and automated routing of requests to the appropriate users. Easily communicate your work-related requests to your team by providing details such as descriptions and receive notifications for updates that matter to you.



A Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) allows organizations to effectively manage assets, schedule and monitor work orders, and gain comprehensive visibility into the entire process. Organizations can use a CMMS to reduce maintenance costs, minimize asset downtime, enhance safety, and improve work order completion rates.​


PropertyOS Advantage

Requests come from all over your organization, and having a modern, simple-to-use platform guarantees happy team members.​

Helix Intel Work Order Management


Our platform serves as a hub for requesters, managers, and technicians, fostering a sense of connection and teamwork.​

Great UX

Your technicians will love working on our mobile application.

Easy to Use

Workflows and instruction ensure the job gets done the first time.


Asset Management ​

Tracking and management of your assets throughout their entire lifecycle.​

  • Enhanced Visibility Gain real-time insights into asset performance and status.
  • Improved Efficiency Streamline maintenance processes to reduce downtime and extend asset life
  • Cost Savings Optimize resource allocation to lower maintenance costs and increase ROI
Asset Management

Data & Insights​

Our data insights are not just reports but part of your workflow delivering actionable intelligence where your data speaks to you.​

  • Informed Decision-Making Leverage comprehensive data to drive strategic decisions.​
  • Operational Efficiency Identify trends and optimize processes for improved performance.​
  • Proactive Maintenance Predict and prevent issues before they escalate, reducing downtime and costs.​
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