General FAQs
What is the HELIXintel platform

HELIXintel’s collaborative digital workspace allows its users to catalog, track, maintain and purchase discounted roofing, heating, boiler, and other equipment, parts, and supplies in one central location. HELIXintel makes it easier to proactively manage equipment maintenance, improving equipment uptime, decreasing energy usage, and increasing overall portfolio value.

Why do companies use HELIXintel?

Our platform allows businesses of any size or industry to:
• Short-cut supply chain issues by instantly connecting equipment owners and operators with vendors and service providers.
• Request services at a reduced cost from OEM-authorized service providers, eliminating the stress of working with unvetted vendors.
• Develop a capital equipment plan that maximizes the lifespan of equipment.
• Save energy costs from better maintained equipment.
• Earn money from utility credits and rebates available on new equipment purchases without having to do the legwork.

What does it cost to have a HELIXintel account?

Our platform is free to use for equipment owners and operators!

How long does it take to upload a 100-unit apartment building?

We designed our platform to make onboarding quick and easy. There are a variety of ways to streamline the process.
1. If you have a spreadsheet of your locations and basic equipment info, we can batch upload that information at no cost.
2. If you do not have a list of locations and equipment, we have a feature to clone equipment to speed up the process. We also have free training to provide best practices.
a. We can also provide our white glove service where our team can go on site and onboard your equipment for you. This can be done on an hourly rate or a fixed cost depending on the scope of work. If you’re interested in having HELIXintel support your equipment cataloging efforts (either onsite or through bulk imports), please reach out to onboarding@helixintel.com.

Are only certain types of companies allowed to use HELIXintel?

Do you have a company? If yes, then the HELIXintel platform is right for you 😊.

We designed HELIXintel to help any business in any industry better track their assets, improve task and vendor management, and streamline service requests. Whether you are running a hotel, café, office building, gym, machine shop, doggy daycare, or anything in-between, we encourage you to create an account and get started.

And if you sell to and/or service the companies mentioned above, that is great too! You would be great for a HELIXintel Vendor Account! You can use HELIXintel to improve management of existing customers, drive new business, and streamline your workflow.

Is there a minimum amount of equipment I must have to join HELIXintel?

Nope! Whether you have one piece of equipment or millions, the HELIXintel platform is right for you.

How do I create an account?

Go to www.helixintel.com and click Sign Up in the upper right-hand corner. Enter your email, password, and some basic info, and you will be on your way to revolutionizing how you manage your equipment.

Does your company sell, service, or distribute products and services?

Contact our Vice President of Business Development, Rob Franssen, at rob.franssen@helixintel.com to learn more.

What happens if I sell a property that’s listed on my account?

Reach out to us at info@helixintel.com for information on this process!

I like my local repair service company – can I still use them to repair my equipment?

Yes! Just go to your My Vendors page to add their info. Then, with just a few clicks of a button, you will be able to request service from them, wherever and whenever.

What happens if I buy new equipment - how do I load it on the HELIXintel platform?

We have made loading equipment as simple and fast as possible. Simply navigate to the Equipment page, click New, and add any relevant info.
If you have spreadsheets or data sets of equipment, the HELIXintel team can work with you to import them into your account. For more information about this, please contact onboarding@helixintel.com.

Is it easy to add data to my account and keep it up to date?

It is super simple. You can add and edit equipment information with just a few clicks of a button. We also have some features to move even quicker than that. For example, you can mark a piece of equipment as broken, assign a task to a teammate, and request service from a vendor in just a minute or two. (Plus, we are always considering user feedback, so if there’s something you’d like to see us implement, let us know and we’ll see what we can do 😊).

Who should I contact if I’m interested in signing up but want to learn more first?

Are you a company that wants to keep better track of your assets, improve task management, and streamline the process of requesting service and ordering parts from vendors? If you are, contact our Director of User Outreach, Ben Hauser, at ben.hauser@helixintel.com.
Are you a company that provides services or equipment for companies? Contact our VP of Business Development, Rob Franssen, at rob.franssen@helixintel.com.

Help! I’m locked out of my account. How do I reset my password?

Go to the login page and rather than signing in, click the “Forgot Password” button. This will prompt a password reset email to be sent to you, and from there you can update your password.

In-App FAQs

HELIXintel Basics
How long will it take to get started?

Minutes. Sign up for an account on www.helixintel.com. For help, reach out to us at onboarding@helixintel.com.

Equipment Operator How-To's
What types of equipment can I catalog and track on the HELIXintel platform?

Anything and everything! Every day new types of equipment get added by our users. Some of the most common equipment types are:
• HVAC – air conditioners, furnaces, unit heaters, etc.
• Electrical – lighting, generators, etc.
• Kitchen & Foodservice – refrigeration equipment, cooking equipment, etc.
• Fitness – treadmills, ellipticals, resistance equipment, etc.

How do I add equipment to my account?

You can add equipment in one of two ways:
1. Basic cataloging – Snap a couple pictures of your equipment, type in some basic information, and add them to your account!
2. Bulk imports – Share existing lists of equipment information with our team, and we will work to upload the data into your account.

Can you help me upload equipment to my account?

Our team can meet with you via virtual meetings to show you how to add equipment to our platform. Depending on your location, we may also have team members who can assist with the process in person. We can also work to import any existing data sets of equipment that you may have. For more information, please contact onboarding@helixintel.com.

How do I add parts to my account?

Adding parts and supplies is as simple as navigating to the Parts & Supplies page and adding basic information about the items – things like, manufacturer, part number (if applicable), what piece(s) of equipment you need them for, etc.

What is a location? What is a sub-location?

A location is a physical building or area, such as a hotel, restaurant, stadium, gym, etc. It likely has its own unique mailing address. A sub-location is typically an area within a larger location.

Take a hotel for instance. The hotel is your primary location. Each of the rooms within it can be added as sub-locations. Or take a restaurant. You can make the front line one sub-location, the dining room another sub-location, and the back kitchen another sub-location.

This management system allows you to categorize your assets in an efficient way and filter within your account to see exactly what you have and where you have it. So, if you want to see the equipment in hotel room 517, mark something as broken, and request service on it, all you have to do is choose “Unit 517” from your sub-locations and put in a request.

How do I add a location to my account?

The Locations page gives you an understanding of all your company’s locations – both in a map view and in a table view. Navigate to the Locations page to add your company’s locations and sub-locations (if you have any) and to add operating hours, attach documents like utility bills and floor plans, and set user visibility permissions.

How do I invite users to my account?

If you have teammates or colleagues, we encourage you to invite them to your company account to keep everyone on the same page and your data up to date. Simply navigate to the Manage Users page to invite whoever you want. From there you can get as granular as you want with user permissions and visibilities.

Do you have user permission settings?

Yes. You can set user permissions and visibilities via the Manage Users page for all the users in your account.

What is a task?

A task is something someone from your internal team must accomplish. Examples include replacing an air filter on a furnace, taking out the trash on garbage day, or reordering parts and supplies.
You can create one-off tasks for projects that pop up (fixing a broken piece of equipment), or you can create recurring tasks for things you have to do repeatedly (annual inspection and testing of fire extinguishers).

How do I add a task and assign it to someone?

There are two simple ways to assign tasks:
1. Navigate to the Tasks page, click “New,” and fill in any needed information like the name, due date, and priority.
2. Create and assign the task right from a specific piece of equipment, part, or location.
Below are the different fields and sections you can expect to see when creating and assigning tasks. Filling in this information will help make the task requirements as clear as possible for the assignee:
• Basic Info is used to detail the most basic information. Type a number in the “Reminder Email” field, and we will send the task assignee a reminder email that many days in advance of the task’s due date.
• Related To is where you go to “tie” the task to something. Is the task related to the furnace in the basement (ex: replacing the air filter)? Then select the refrigerator. Is it related to a specific location (ex: washing the windows)? Then select the location. (Note: this section is only relevant if you’re creating a task via the Tasks page.)
• Assignees is where you go to assign the task to someone. If you want it to be assigned to you, just click your name. If it should be assigned to Mary and/or Josh, then click their name(s).
• Attachments is where you go to add any pictures, videos, or documents you want the assignee to have access to and reference. Maybe it’s a video showing how to replace the air filter or a picture showing a specific part to unscrew.
• Repeat is used to set up recurring tasks. Rather than creating a new task every week that you need to take out the trash or every few months when you need to replace an air filter, simply indicate how often you want the task to repeat on this screen.

How can I see all my company’s tasks?

If you have the necessary permissions and visibilities, simply navigate to the Tasks page, and use the filters to see all your company’s tasks.

What is a request?

Requests are work items being completed or fulfilled by outside vendors. Requests we commonly help facilitate are requests for equipment repairs, new equipment, lighting solutions, parts and supplies, energy savings opportunities, energy assessments, and more.

How do I submit a new request?

You can submit a request in one of two ways:
1. Navigate to the My Requests page, click “New,” and follow the guided workflow.
2. Create the request right from a specific piece of equipment, part, or location.

How do you determine which vendors to connect me with for service work?

If you select a vendor from your My Vendors list, or add a new vendor directly to the Request, HELIXintel will match it with that company first. If no vendor is selected, or if you request to be matched with an additional vendor, HELIXintel will match a vendor that is authorized to sell or service that equipment in your territory.

Why are only authorized vendors and service providers on the HELIXintel platform?

We are committed to ensuring that the right work is being done for our users. Authorized service providers have the training, expertise, and technology to deliver the quality of work that you deserve.

What service providers do you currently have in my region?

We have a variety of national, regional, and local providers ready to provide help when needed. Contact us today to learn more about a specific project!

If a vendor sends me a quote via the HELIXintel platform, do I need to accept it?

No, you are not required to accept any of the quotes that are sent to you via our platform. Simply click the Decline button if you do not plan to accept the quote, so the vendor can close it out.

How do I pay for services or parts on HELIXintel?

Once the work is completed or the order is fulfilled, the vendor will send you an invoice via the platform with their payment terms on it. You will receive an email at your address on file stating that an invoice has been submitted. You can then access your portal and pay the invoice via the My Invoices page.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept all major US credit cards as well as domestic ACH transfers from most national and regional banks.

Contacting HELIXintel
How do I contact support for help or to report a bug?

Please contact us at support@helixintel.com.

Who should I reach out to if I have a feature request?

Please contact us at success@helixintel.com.

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