Predict & Prevent Engine​

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Our Predict and Prevent Engine™ provides you with a comprehensive understanding of risk profiles at a property and asset level, accurately calculates financial impacts, devises effective capital allocation strategies, and offers valuable cost-risk-time-saving solutions. ​


What is Predict & Prevent?

The Predict and Prevent process involves using advanced analytics to identify potential risks before they materialize, allowing for proactive measures to mitigate these risks. It starts with collecting and analyzing data to gain insights into risk profiles, followed by calculating the financial impact and devising strategies to allocate resources effectively. The process culminates in providing actionable recommendations and resources to prevent issues, thereby reducing downtime, minimizing costs, and enhancing safety and efficiency.​

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Data Collection and Aggregation

1. Gather data from various sources, including historical records, real-time sensors, and external databases, to create a comprehensive dataset.​

2. Risk Assessment and Profiling

Analyze the aggregated data to identify patterns, anomalies, and potential risk factors, developing detailed risk profiles for each property or asset.​

3. Predictive Modeling and Insights

Utilize advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms to predict future risks.​


Delivering Prevention.​

  • Preventive Maintenance Generate actionable insights, enabling proactive measures to prevent issues before they arise.​
  • Vendor Hub A global vendor network who have developed custom solutions passed on general risks and issues.
  • Pricing Safety Pricing guardrails to ensure a single property gets group purchasing discounts. ​

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