Discover the powerful capabilities of HELIXintel. Our feature-rich platform is designed to simplify asset management, streamline purchasing, and maximize efficiency. Experience the ease of managing equipment, supplies, tasks, and vendor relationships all in one place.

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Vendor Hub

HELIXintel empowers you to search, evaluate and engage directly with vendors in one easy-to-use marketplace. Easily submit RFPs and create POs with guided assistance from our experienced team.

We work directly with the manufacturers of your supplies and equipment. If you need replenishment, to change a filter, or schedule a service call for critical business equipment, you’ll get the best price and quality directly from the manufacturer and their authorized network, nationwide.

Vendor Hub

Manage Equipment

Keep track of your equipment's condition, maintenance schedule, and more. From HVAC, lighting, your trucks on the road, and everything in between – our first of its kind platform helps you stay on top of everything, in one tool.

When that equipment needs to be fixed, or those parts and supplies need to be reordered, we’ll connect you with the right company to do the work.

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Manage Parts & Supplies

Ensure you never run out of necessary parts and supplies. Track everything with HELIXintel. Then, proactively find and acquire the supplies, inventory, and parts you need from vetted vendors without the worry of delays that interrupt your daily operations.

Our direct relationships with manufacturers and suppliers empower you to get the best possible price and lead time.

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Manage Tasks

Coordinate tasks across your team, improving accountability and productivity. Our task management tool can take the headache out of tracking, assigning, and scheduling tasks internally and externally.

We interface directly with the service providers you rely on to keep your doors open and the lights on. Our automated reminders and follow up features will ensure that the work gets done.

Task Manager

Manage Properties

Organize your asset tracking across unlimited properties.

HELIXintel reduces the friction associated with managing assets across multiple properties. Every asset you create can easily be moved, managed, or discarded. You can add unlimited users with various roles relevant to your organization, and assign them to manage individual properties.

Property Management

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