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Unlock funding, rebates, and tax credits for upgrades. Our managed services handle everything from identifying opportunities to applying and redeeming incentives, saving you money and time. Let us help you maximize your savings potential.

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Businesses often overlook valuable incentives, missing out on savings and rebates. With HelixIntel Savings Scout, we make it easy. Our team handles everything - identifying, applying for, and redeeming incentives. You'll save time and effort while maximizing your savings. Join the many businesses we've helped secure over 250,000 rebate checks for projects like construction, renovations, and maintenance.


Optimized Energy Efficiency

Learn how our expert HVAC assessments can fine-tune your systems and unlock financial benefits such as rebates and discounts on essential tune-up services. Our programs are designed to enhance your HVAC system's efficiency, leading to significant energy cost savings and supporting sustainability efforts. With our services, you'll not just reduce energy bills but also experience improved comfort, increased reliability, and longer-lasting HVAC systems due to notable efficiency improvements.

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