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Mitigate property and insurance risks. Catalog, track, and analyze your locations and equipment. Streamline incentives, rebates, grants, and more!

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HELIXintel Predict & Prevent Engine

Mitigate Risks. Prevent Breakdowns. Maximize Efficiency.

Our data-driven approach empowers you to anticipate potential equipment issues before they become costly problems, enhancing efficiency, and significantly reducing downtime. Optimize for a future that's as reliable as it is profitable.

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Mitigate Risk

HELIXintel's Predict & Prevent Engine™ helps to preemptively identify equipment breakdowns.

  • Shift maintenance work from reactive to proactive, reducing costs by up to 40%.
  • Increase equipment uptime and lifespans by informing preventive maintenance.
  • Reduce unexpected equipment breakdown expenses and plan for the future.

Save Time

With the HELIXintel platform, you'll save time across all facets of asset mangement.

  • Centralize your relevant equipment data and assets all in one place.
  • Streamline communication with vendors and internal team members.
  • Identify equipment life expectancy, replacement date and cost of replacement.

Increase Efficiency

HELIXintel can help to make every area of asset management easier for your business.

  • The HELIXintel platform is accessible on any device, anywhere, at any time.
  • Manage all your equipment, properties, parts, supplies, RFPs and vendors from one place.
  • Seamless task management ensures maintenance tasks are carried out on time.

We Help Properties of All Sizes to Manage Their Assets

HELIXintel covers all business asset types, from machinery and building materials to intangibles such as insurance policies and supplier agreements. No matter what type of asset you're managing, HELIXintel is here to enhance efficiency, and save you time and money.

Asset Management

Vendor Hub

Centralize your vendor management process, from communication to contract negotiation.

Task Management

Coordinate tasks across your team, improving accountability and productivity.

Manage Equipment

Keep track of your equipment's condition, maintenance schedule, and more.

Manage Properties

Oversee your properties in one place, with tools for tracking leases, expenses, and more.

Parts & Supplies

Stay on top of your inventory, ensuring you never run out of necessary parts and supplies.

Manage Vendors

Facilitate vendor interactions, streamline contract management, and monitor vendor performance.


Business Solutions Far Beyond Software

We’re more than just a SaaS company, we also deliver comprehensive business solutions to your business both on and off of our platform. Generate immediate success with HELIXintel and discover exciting savings opportunities with our Managed Services and Incentive & Rebate programs.

HELIXintel managed services

Managed Services

Implementation, Onboarding, Training and Customization of the HELIXintel platform.

HELIXintel Savings Scout™

Identify, apply, and redeem incentives available for your properties.

HELIXintel HVAC Tune-Up™

Boost the performance of your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems

"HELIXintel provides tremendous value for NYSIR's member school facilities, which total more than 1 billion square feet of space. NYSIR is excited to offer our members resources to manage their property and predict and prevent equipment risk."

J. Brett Carruthers Senior Vice President and Director of Risk Management - NYSIR

"HELIXintel found over $240k of available incentives and rebates at just ONE of the schools in my district. I was excited to see a boiler tune-up program, as well as rebates for HVAC systems and steam traps! Thank you HELIXintel team!"

Peter Quartironi Director of Facilities

“HELIX simplifies the complete inventory of your building’s equipment, to where you can capture anything and everything, whether it be parts that need to be ordered, vendors that need to be sourced, or any kind of anomaly that can pop up….”

Michael Walker Community Manager - Collection 14

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