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Transition from maintenance manager to reliability leader with our CMMS. Automate schedules, work orders, asset tracking, and more!

HelixIntel Predict & Prevent Engine

Minimize Risks. Maximize Efficiency. 

Showcase the value of your team with our data-driven approach. Identify potential equipment issues before they escalate into costly headaches, ensuring smooth operations and minimizing downtime for a reliable and profitable future for your facility.


We Simplify Management.

HelixIntel covers all business asset types, from machinery and building materials to intangibles such as contracts and supplier agreements. No matter what type of asset you're managing, we’re here to enhance efficiency and save you time and money.

Helix Intel Work Order Management

Your Managerial Problems Solved.

We're not just another CMMS platform. Become a maintenance hero with comprehensive solutions both on and off our platform. Uncover valuable savings opportunities instantly through our Managed Services and Incentive & Rebate programs.

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