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We deliver comprehensive business solutions. Experience immediate success with our platform and uncover incredible savings opportunities through our Managed Services and Incentive & Rebate programs.


Managed Services

Get tailored support for the unique needs of your business. Our commitment to your success goes beyond providing the most advanced asset management platform. Our managed services guide you through every step, offering personalized assistance from initial setup to ongoing customization.

Managed Services


Embarking on your HELIXintel journey is made easy with our comprehensive implementation services. We shoulder the responsibility of the entire setup process, right from integrating your existing data to ensuring flawless compatibility with your systems. Our expert team ensures a seamless implementation that suits your specific needs, paving the way for a successful start.


Equip your team with the knowledge they need to make the most out of HELIXintel. Our training services encompass in-depth tutorials and hands-on sessions designed to boost your understanding of the platform's diverse features and capabilities. Whether you're a novice or an experienced user, our training modules are crafted to enhance your team's proficiency with HELIXintel.


Make HELIXintel uniquely yours with our customization services. We provide the flexibility to adapt the HELIXintel platform to align better with your processes and workflows. From designing custom dashboards to setting specific reporting metrics, we mold the platform to match your business requirements, promising a truly personalized experience.


Incentive & Rebate Programs

Unlock a treasure trove of funding opportunities, rebates, and tax credits for your operational and capital improvements. Allow HELIXintel to guide you in maximizing savings.

HELIXintel Savings Scout™

Identifying Cost-Saving Opportunities.

Properties often miss out on lucrative incentives, leading to lost cost-saving opportunities. Our HELIXintel Savings Scout™ simplifies this process by identifying, applying, and redeeming these incentives for you. Our fully managed service empowers properties to optimize cost savings, minimizing the time and effort required to identify and apply for incentives. Our managed services partners have collectively secured over 250,000 rebate checks in support of our customers' new construction projects, renovation projects, retrofit programs, and preventative maintenance.

HELIXintel HVAC Tune-Up™

Enhancing Energy Efficiency

Various utility companies and state energy offices across the U.S. offer HVAC Tune-Up Programs to promote energy efficiency and cost savings. These programs aim to boost the performance of your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, resulting in significant energy cost savings and contributing to a greener environment. Through HELIXintel, you gain access to professional assessments of your HVAC systems and financial incentives such as rebates or discounts on tune-up services. Enjoy the multiple benefits – lower energy bills, improved comfort, enhanced reliability of your HVAC equipment, and an extended lifespan of your systems. Participating in an HVAC Tune-Up Program isn't merely an investment in comfort—it's a stride towards a sustainable future.

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