HELIXintel funding announcement

HELIXintel has successfully concluded a competitive Series A funding round, positioning the company for substantial growth and expansion. 

National Grid Partners, the corporate venture and innovation arm of National Grid, led the funding round, with participation from earlier investors including Munich Re Ventures, Stellifi, Motivate Ventures, and others. 

Jon DeWald, CEO of HELIXintel, expressed enthusiasm about the company’s growth potential, stating, “This new capital and National Grid’s network help us expand our product offerings and reach,” said Jon DeWald, CEO of HELIXintel. “We recognize that every stakeholder benefits when equipment breakdown is accurately predicted and prevented. We are poised to empower proactive maintenance and equipment upgrades that enhance efficiency, minimize downtime, and bring cost savings to both our valued customers and insurance companies.” 

National Grid, a leading provider of electricity, natural gas, and clean energy services, has a longstanding commitment to innovation and scalable energy technologies. The investment in HELIXintel by National Grid underscores its dedication to achieving net-zero emissions from its gas and electric networks by 2050. 

Lisa Lambert, Chief Technology & Innovation Officer of National Grid and Founder & President of National Grid Partners, highlighted HELIXintel’s potential to disrupt the energy and utility sector, stating, “HELIXintel embodies the transformative innovation that National Grid Partners seeks to support. Their predictive analytics and equipment management solutions have the potential to disrupt the energy and utility sector, enabling businesses to proactively address risks and enhance operational efficiency. We are excited to invest in HELIXintel and contribute to their growth as they pave the way for a more sustainable and resilient future.” 

The successful Series A funding round marks a significant milestone in HELIXintel’s mission to empower businesses through their Predictive and Preventive Engine™ platform. The strategic relationships with HSB, National Grid Partners, and a strategic HVAC partner further solidify HELIXintel’s leadership position in the equipment management industry while propelling advancements in equipment efficiency and a culture of continuous enhancement.