We help property owners save money.

We help property owners save money.

HELIXintel is a simple-to-use platform that helps businesses organize, track, and care for their equipment. We assist with services, parts, or new equipment, and give a seamless path to purchase.

I’ve been very impressed with HELIXintel - using their platform, I was able to source lights at over a 20% discount. Coupled with the energy rebate my rep told me about, my savings were pushed to over 80% of what I was paying. Thanks, HELIXintel for making me look like a rockstar to my team!

- Equity Management

Due to rising industry costs, EMC was told to expect “around a 30%” increase in future purchases. What troubled EMC more were the supply chain constraints that prevented them from purchasing all 30 units when needed. Fortunately for EMC and Baker Distribution, HELIXintel was able to quickly step in and help.

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