HELIXintel CEO on Shaping the Future of Asset Management

The future of asset management is here and our CEO, Jon DeWald, is leading the way. He recently joined the “Category Visionaries Podcast” by Front Lines Media, for an engaging discussion about his journey with HELIXintel.

Envisioning the Future of Asset Management

In this episode, Jon reflects on how his entrepreneurial spirit was ignited in Buffalo, where he started a lawn mowing business in high school. His four years in the Marine Corps instilled in him a lifelong lesson: the need to always “be flexible”. After 9/11, he set aside his aspirations of becoming an attorney to serve in the military, a decision that imparted invaluable lessons.

Stepping into the property and equipment insurance sector, Jon’s vision of HELIXIntel is revolutionizing the insurance industry. He talks about how the platform optimizes work orders and maintenance, aiming to significantly reduce claims for insurers and enhance loss ratios. His advice for emerging entrepreneurs? “Take time in getting to know different team members you are working with and understanding their core assets.”

Looking ahead, Jon envisions HELIXIntel crafting a comprehensive software, integrating insurers, utilities, and more. With funding milestones led by Munich Venture Partners and National Grid Partners, he emphasizes adaptability in navigating the investment landscape. 

Dive into this episode to explore the mind of a leader blending military discipline with innovative entrepreneurship.