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    How HELIXintel Helps Your Business

    Benefitting Operators:
    • Easily access technical analysis and reporting on all your facility equipment
    • Standardize cataloging and monitoring of equipment to improve inventory management
    • Decrease energy usage and water consumption
    • Avoid losses with IoT monitoring & alerting
    • Find quotes from vetted suppliers to ensure quality maintenance service and competitive pricing
    • Maintain emission requirements and other ESG-related compliance standards
    • Receive energy savings and rebates, HELIXintel does all the legwork!
    Benefitting Vendors:
    • Capture new pre-qualified revenue opportunities from high-intent buyers
    • Digitize project turnover to streamline operations, data collection and storage
    • Connect with drifted accounts to dramatically improve churn
    • Increase customer connectivity, keep the supplier top-of-mind with automated tools for quoting, scheduling, payment and communication
    • Track valuable data pertaining to your equipment and its whereabouts

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